Clip On Adapter Jumbo

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Clip On Adapter Jumbo

35 mm diameter

You can attach this adapter to the gas bottle from Spain, Portugal or Scandinavia (composite) and connect your German pressure reducer or high-pressure hose.

So you can use the common bottles from these countries in your motorhome.

You can then open or close the bottle with the red button.

• This high pressure adapter enables you to use a pressure regulator with a small bottle connection (KLF) or also called G.12 on bottles with a clip-on dispensing valve.
• The clip on adapter can be used for gas bottles from the following countries, among others:
• Spain, France, Ireland, Portugal, England, Cyprus, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.
• Input: clip-on G.56 - 35mm - output: small bottle connection (KLF) G.12 - output pressure: unreduced - a pressure regulator must be used!
• Approval: EN15202

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