Art. 111: Gascon safety adapter


Gascon safety adapter


Item No. 111
GASCON - safety adapter for propane gas bottles


Maximum security paired with simplicity and practicality. The GASCON is a safety adapter for the consumer. Simple assembly directly at the valve outlet opens up new possibilities. If a leak occurs, the gas flow is immediately and automatically stopped. This safety device is quick and easy to assemble and always shows the current gas pressure. Detect leaks in your gas system and protect yourself by switching off the gas flow 100% in an emergency.


The functions at a glance:


Emergency shutdown of the gas supply in the event of leaks
easy installation
with pressure indicator
Leak test
100% shutdown in the event of a leak
Technical specifications:


Connection type: screw type G.12
Gas type: Propane LPG


Shipping Weight: kg 0.10
Availibilty: available
contained 19% VAT plus Shipping

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