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Checking the liquid gas system in mobile homes and caravans
is definitely no longer part of the scope of the main inspection ( HU ) as of April 1, 2022.

This is reported by the German Liquid Gas Association (DFVG). the
Examination had already been suspended two years ago, now it has been permanently removed from the corresponding guideline.

Because there are fewer formal hurdles for the independent examination, it can be carried out by more institutions than before. The association hopes this will not least
cheaper costs for the consumer.

Addresses of certified experts can be found at:
https://gaspruefung-wohnwagen-wohnmobile.de .

Until the new legal basis is final, it makes sense to have liquid gas systems checked every two years, he said


Replacement of the Alugas Travelmate

Our TravelMate can be exchanged after 10 years . A regeneration by the manufacturer is no longer offered for the "old bottles".

For the replacement in a brand new model - equipped with multi-valve and fill level indicator - we currently charge €200 for the 11kg bottle and €220 for the 14kg bottle plus shipping costs.

Please note that the accessories must also be replaced after 10 years.

We would also be happy to advise you over the phone.


Pack the completely emptied bottle securely in a
neutral box (e.g. moving box) and send it to our address with a parcel service of your choice. Please always insert
Cover letter when you return a bottle to us.

If you come personally, please make an appointment with us about 1 week in advance.

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