Alugas TRAVEL Mate tank bottle

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Gas bottle 11 kg/14 kg. TF-AG-11 Type 1

The gas cylinders are supplied with the manufacturer's operating instructions.

Multivalve remote display can be retrofitted

Gas bottle 27.4 / 33.3 liters aluminum capacity 11 / 14 kg. (22 / 28 ltr.) with 80% fill stop valve

Diameter 300/300 mm Height 597/688 mm (without collar) Height with collar 557/648 mm (The collar can be unscrewed) Empty weight only 6.7/7.6 kg.

The gas bottle is equipped with the following valves: Multi-valve

TÜV 10 years, after that a 'recurring test' must be carried out

available with the following hose lengths 0.5 m, 0.75 m, 1 m and 1.5 m filling hose.

(Please specify the desired hose length when ordering. Standard length 0.5 m)

External refueling HK flat with internal thread 21.8 and additional filling set:

(ACME, bayonet, dish, nozzle on 21.8 for Europe)

This gas bottle is equipped with an automatic 80% fill stop.

The filling process stops when the bottle has reached 11kg (22ltr.) LPG. The manual stop when refueling is possible at any time.