Euro set adapter 1,2,3,4

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Extraction socket No. 1: on gas cylinder valves with connection M10x1 internal thread

Gas: Vetta-Gas Countries: Italy, Switzerland

No. 2: on gas cylinder valves with connection W20x1/14'LH external thread on the left

Gas: Liqui, butane, Agip, Mi, Pibi gas countries: Italy outlet nozzle

No. 3: on gas cylinder valves with connection M14x1.5 internal thread

Gas: Primus, Pibi, Kosan gas

Countries: Norway,Austria,Portugal,Scotland,Switzerland,Italy,Sweden

sampling port

No. 4: on gas bottles with connection W21.8x1/14'LH male thread left

(shell connector)

Gas: Nordisk-Flaskegas, Calor,Botto,Esso,Thermo,Dragon,Primus,Butano,Oban gas

Countries: Denmark,England,France,Holland,Italy,Austria,Switzerland,Spain,Montenegro